tennmoregirls exhibition 2011, ’10 girls. 10 colours’ starts on the 18th of Oct and finishes on the 5th of Nov @ Salerno Gallery, 70 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Gallery opens tue – fri, 10 – 5:30 pm, sat 10 – 3 pm, sun & mon by appointment

meet the makers : saturdays 22nd, 29th of Oct & 5th of Nov.


visit www.ternmoregirls.com or www.tenmoregirls.blogspot.com for our stories & pieces.




Ten female group of contemporary jewellery+ object designers/makers that exhibits based on different theme every year. 
Title of 4th exhibition 2011 is tengirls tencolours. 
Each artist randomly selected a different colour to make pieces for this exhibition and 10 colours with each artist are;
a mi kim : brown
andrea iglesias : green
bernadette trainor : orange
carol faulkner : white
danielle butters : purple
jo piper : black
majella beck : red
nikki majajas : pink
radka passianova : blue
tenille evans : yellow

ten artist profiles will be posted weekly at www.tenmoregirls.com as well as our making process & exhibition updates. 

i will be blogging at kamidesignstory for my making story/experiments & concept development.

follow me @kamidesigns_ami and @tenmoregirls

girls around the world invite

Third exhibition by tenmoregirls inspired by world around us starts on the 9th of September Thursday, Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street. Sydney CBD

Opening from 6pm to 8pm and exhibition runs until th 20th of Sep.

featuring artists are; majella beck, jenny daskalakis, andrea iglesias, a mi kim, jasmine matus, natasha marcus-taylor, nikki mjajas, radka passianova, bernadette trainor, janis valdivia

there is also an artist talk on 18 Sep. Saturday starting 2pm.



curated by zoe brand

3 – 29 June 2010 @ keeper gallery, gaffa

adorning almost every surface of a room, re:production is an exhibition of roughly 500 images that document the practices of a diverse range of contemporary jewellery makers.

emerging sydney jewellers showcase 2010

from 22 May to 20 June at Atrium in JamFactory 


girls against gold
girls against gold

an exhibition 2009 by tenmoregirls ;

Majella Beck
Jenny Daskalakis
Lisa Furno
A Mi Kim
Nikki Majajas
Jasmine Matus
Radka Passianova
Natasha Marcus Taylor
Bernadette Trainor
Janis Valdivia

Opening night is Saturday 17 October 2009 from 4pm to 6pm

at Blank Space on 374 Crown St Surry Hills.

Exhibition runs from the 15th to 28th of  Oct, everyday 11-6pm.

 at Pablo Fanque on ash st. at the back of ivy hotel near martin place

from the 3rd of Nov to 8th of Dec.


explorations 09

explorations 09

explorations 09

Explorations 09 is an annual exhibition presented by A&E Metal Merchants. It is the 4th exhibition and will be held at Gaffa Gallery from 15 October to 25 October 2009, and then for the first time, travel to Melbourne’s Guildford Lane Gallery from 4th December to 12th December 2009.